Copenhagen Chemicals offers highly specialized products for water and waste water treatment including polymers, membrane cleaners (see membrane cleaners section) and complete boiler and cooling system chemical programs.

Our market leading polymers are the result of a dedicated supply agreement with world leading polymer manufactures. We deliver products from dedicated production facilities that produce all of the monomers needed to manufacture polymers in-house. This gives us a competitive advantage in terms of both quality and product price.

While our broad range of products will meet most any water treatment challenge, we are able to customize products to optimize performance on special applications.

Drinking water treatment
Copenhagen Chemicals delivers products for drinking water treatment and for use in the food sector. These products conform to international regulations, including FDA, BFR, NSF and Kosher standards. Products include:

  • Potable grade organic coagulants
  • Potable grade anionic powder
  • PolyDADMAC, cationic organic coagulants

Wastewater is liquid waste coming from urban, industrial or mixed sources. Before it can be released into the environment, wastewater must be purified to reduce or eliminate polluting agents and meet regulatory standards. Coagulation and flocculation are an essential part of the waste water treatment process, and our products will help optimise the quality of the treated water. Products include:

  • Coagulants (Organic, modified inorganic and PolyDADMAC)
  • Flocculants (Anionic, cationic, non-ionic polymers in emulsion or powder form)

Various procedures and special equipment are used to reduce the amount of water in sludge. However, the desired degree of dewatering cannot normally be obtained without using chemical aids. Our polymers help dewater the sludge to the greatest possible extent. Our polymers can be used with decanter centrifuges, filter presses, belt presses and other equipment.

Our broad range of products include specialised products for these types of processes, and our ability to customize products enable us to deliver high performing products for demanding applications, such as high brine waters.


Defoamers are used to limit, reduce, avoid or eliminate excessive formation of foam, which attracts dirt, causes waste and can lead to system upsets. We offer a complete range of defoamers, including membrane compatible defoamers for use in Membrane Bio-Reactor systems.


The function of a heating plant is to produce steam. To protect the boiler and condensate system, the water must be treated with products that prevent scaling and corrosion before entering the boiler. We offer a complete range of boiler chemistry to protect the boiler and condensate system, which include:

  • Scale inhibitors
  • Oxygen scavengers
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Dispersants


Cooling systems are designed to remove heat. System can be closed loop systems, once through systems or open evaporative systems (cooling towers).
It is important to keep the water chemistry under control to prevent corrosion, scale deposits and/or biological fouling. Choosing the best treatment regime can save energy and reduce the cost of the chemical treatment. Copenhagen Chemicals experts help you to optimize system performance while keeping the cost of treatment at a minimum.

  • Scale inhibitors
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Biocides