copenhagen chemicals services


When you are partnering up with Copenhagen Chemicals you are not only buying market leading products – you are also gaining access to our extensive knowledge base within chemical water treatment and membrane based water treatment.

As a partner you will receive all the support and help you require, not only on the products we supply but on total system performance. We have extensive water treatment experience and draw on leading experts within chemical and membrane based water treatment.

We will help you to correct the problem, not only supply you with the means to treat the symptoms.

Membrane based water treatment units may f.ex. experience need for cleanings more frequently than expected. Cleaning more often may keep the unit in operation, but the more frequent cleanings mean more downtime, more energy consumption and more stress on the membranes. By looking at the total process parameters, from membrane used, water analysis, recovery percentage etc., the problem can in many cases be permanently corrected and the unit will operate as designed.