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Through a dedicated supply agreement with world leading polymer manufactures we offer a full range of polymers, with specialised products for Water Treatment, Oil & Gas and Mining. Our products include flocculants and coagulants in both powder and emulsion form.

Our suppliers produce from dedicated production facilities that produce all of the monomers needed to manufacture polymers in-house. This gives us a competitive advantage in terms of both quality and product price.

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Water treatment (new brochure coming soon)

Oil & Gas

Mining (new brochure coming soon)

Membrane Cleaners

Copenhagen Chemicals offers a full range of specialised cleaning chemicals for all membrane applications, including a newly developed range of innovative MBR membrane cleaners.

All membranes will eventually foul – how often depends on many factors, including the application (f.ex. Desalination, Drinking Water, Process Water, Waste Water etc), the water source and how well the pre-treatment protects the membranes. Depending on the above factors membranes need cleaning anywhere between every week and once or twice a year.

Similarly the cleaning procedure and the type of chemicals to be used will depend on the type of fouling. For most applications, standard cleaning procedures exist that will clean the membranes. In some cases bulk chemicals may work, but specialised membrane cleaners will often provide the best result.

The goal of a cleaning will be to restore the flux of the membranes to as close as possible to design. If flux is not restored to satisfying level, the cleaning has not been effective or adverse effects of the cleaning has occurred.

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MBR membrane cleaners
RO, NF, UF and MF membrane cleaners
Other Products

For an overview of our product line for membrane cleaners, please have a look at our e-catalogue:
Membrane Cleaners eCatalog