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MBR cleaners

MBR units operate under conditions that are very demanding for the membranes used. There is a constant tendency for sludging that need to be controlled and the membranes must be cleaned much more frequently than for example standard RO systems.

The type of foulants found in the sludge and the fouling mechanism are very different from other membrane applications. The sludge will have a tendency to stick to the membranes making cleaning very difficult. To prevent the sludge from fouling the membranes and stick to the surface, air scouring is often used to create turbulence over the membrane surface. To some extent this will help to keep the sludge from sticking to the membranes. Backflushing with either permeate or a cleaning solution is another initiative often used.

To effectively clean the membranes in a MBR system, is is essential to be able to release sludge from the membrane surface and effectively keep it from sticking to the membrane. Copenhagen Chemicals have developed a new cleaning product – MBR KLEAN 212 – that demonstrates superior cleaning results in MBR systems.
MBR KLEAN 212 is a moderate pH cleaner and is a blend of solubilizing and active cleaning ingredients, combining superior flux restoration, energy savings, lower quantities of chemicals to be handled and a safer working environment (no handling of dangerous chemicals).

MBR KLEAN 212 works by effectively removing the sludge from the membrane surface by “coating” the sludge making it slippery and unable to stick to the membrane surface. The result is clean membranes and a high flux restoration.

MBR KLEAN can be used on both external and submerged type MBR systems and is suitable for both back flush and CIP.

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